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1. Nano ACP uses high-tech nano-coating technology. It has a number of performance superior to the
traditional polyester and PVDF panel, like pollution-resistance, self-cleaning, acid and alkali resistance.
They are widely used in high-grade building walls, star-rated hotels, convention centers, airports, gas
stations and so on.

2. Economic: high-quality paint has been used, so the dust will be difficult to adhibit on surface of
the panel. It can be easily cleaned by little rain to get self-cleaning. As a result, it could save a lot of
cleaning charge.

3. Environmental protection: superior aging resistance, no coating change, no pollution, anti-acid,
anti-alkali, solvent resistance. Aluminium and polyethylene could be separated easily, so they can be
recycled to reduce the environmental pollution.

4. Durable: much more durable than traditional PVDF panel in aspect of weather resistance,
temperature resistance, friction resistance, pollution resistance, aging resistance and so on.